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 Company Name:
TCB Optoelectronic Co., Limited

 Contact Person: Marina Chen

 Tel: 86-755-23222659


 Fax: 86-755-23222660


6th Building, Ding Feng Tech Zone, Xing Ye Road, Fu Yong Town, Bao An District, Shen Zhen, China


P4 Outdoor Rental Led Display
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 P4 outdoor rental led display


LED Module



LED Cabinet


 LED Screen




 P4 outdoor rental led display packaging




P4 outdoor rental led display features


1.Easy installation---Special fast lock,only need 20s to install

2.Super light---much lighter than steel cabinet

3.high-strength --- tensile test to reach 300kg,more strength than aluminum

4.Fast cooling--excellent heat dissipation performance to protect the modular circuit

5.Anti-interference---Special anti electromagnetic interference function

6.High precision---seamless splicing after CNC processing

7.Cost-effective---complete production and supply chain

8.Long time usage-life span 100000 hours

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