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TCB Optoelectronic Co., Limited

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6th Building, Ding Feng Tech Zone, Xing Ye Road, Fu Yong Town, Bao An District, Shen Zhen, China


P1.923 HD Led Display
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  • Product Name:P1.923 HD Led Display
  • Model:P1.923-SIH
  • Size:cabinet 300*400mm
  • Package:plywood box and flight case

 P1.923 HD led display


P1.923 LED Module



P1.923 LED Cabinet




 P1.923 LED Screen




 P1.923 led display packaging




P1.923 led display Specifications


P1.923 led display Features


High Definition Display

It delivers a truly amazing picture in every details with extraordinary pixels, producing an image that is HD quality in an led screen.

Wide Color Gamut

Under low light, display gray scale near perfect performance, real restore image informaton, make details clearly visible, without information loss.

Top Level Brightness Control

Expansion of brightness adjustment range increase the brightness and contrast ratio of picture. This function can fully perform delicate change of brightness, so it can present a vivid picture to audience.

Untra Wide Angle Of View

Untra wide angle of view, from any perspective images are clear natural, to experience the great subversive viewing experience.

High Grey Scale When Low Brightness

16 bits gray processing technology, with 65536 grayscale, excessive nature, according to the video picture of extremely fine texture, looks more comfortable.



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