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TCB Optoelectronic Co., Limited

 Contact Person: Marina Chen

 Tel: 86-755-23222659


 Fax: 86-755-23222660


6th Building, Ding Feng Tech Zone, Xing Ye Road, Fu Yong Town, Bao An District, Shen Zhen, China


  • 1 . How to make the LED display more HD    [2018-05-07 10:27:14]
  • As society develops faster and faster, LED display screens can be seen everywhere. As the main carriers of advertising and information broadcasting, led display follows the tren...
  • 2 . What are factors affecting led display effect    [2018-03-29 09:28:13]
  • There are many factors affecting LED display effect, such as brightness, screen pixel pitch, surface flatness, lamp attenuation and the failure rate, the use environment and so ...
  • 3 . Why led display become popular in Church    [2018-01-31 10:36:22]
  • The key to any successful ministry is communication. If you’re a minister or director, you know actively engaged members are the rock in which the house is built, regardless of ...
  • 5 . How to calculate the brightness of LED display screen    [2018-01-15 12:08:41]
  •   LED display now become very popular product for the outside advertising, event, shows and so on, and there are many people don’t know how to calculate the brightness, he...
  • 6 . How an led display promote your brand and business    [2017-12-19 15:30:45]
  • New and lesser known brands are often invisible to the buying public. Consumers pay little attention to them, often giving their full attention to brands that have been around f...

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